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Film Industry Gateway is an online resource offering extensive filmmaking courses, designed for both newcomers and experienced creators. It provides practical insights into the film industry, empowering users with the knowledge and tools to bring their film projects to life.


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  • Production Documents (due 2024)

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Screenwriting Starter Course

Unlock the fundamentals of scriptwriting with Film Industry Gateway's Screenwriting Starter Course, a concise guide for aspiring screenwriters.

  • Story Structure

  • Develop Compelling Characters: Protagonist

  • Develop Compelling Characters: Antagonist

  • Develop Compelling Character: Deuteragonist

  • Basic Script Formatting

  • Craft Effective Dialogue

  • Create Conflict and Tension

  • Visual Storytelling

  • Define Genre & Tone

  • Adapting Source Material

  • Feedback & Revisions

  • Pitching & Selling Your Script

(Included in Full Membership)

Film History & Theory

Discover how the film industry began and gain a forecast for the future.

  • First Moving Picture

  • The Invention of the Cinematograph

  • Birth of Narrative Films

  • Silent Film Era

  • Introduction of Sound

  • Introduction of Colour

  • Studio System and the Golden Age of Hollywood

  • European Art Cinema and the French New Wave

  • New Hollywood and the American New Wave

  • The Blockbuster Era

  • The Digital Revolution

  • The Rise of Streaming Platforms and the Decline of Traditional Distribution

  • International Cinema

  • The Future of Filmmaking

(Included in Full Membership)

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